Who are we?

The Meliponas are an instrumental Latin-folk-fusion band based in Kelowna, BC, founded by Victor Hugo Cobian (lead guitar and charango) and Lucie Bardos (rhythm guitar). We have been joined more recently by bass player Megan Frederick, who has over two decades of experience playing and teaching a range of musical styles.

We play an eclectic, upbeat mix of original music and covers. In our band, each musician contributes their own unique musical background, flavour, and experiences, helping to create unique rhythmic compositions.

We have dubbed our music “Kaleidofolk”: “Folk” because of our upbeat, acoustic, grassroots sound, and “Kaleido” because the mixing of different musical styles inevitably leads to a beautiful musical mosaic! Our sets are typically comprised of both our original compositions as well as cover songs.

Why ” The Meliponas”? The Melipona Bee is a type of stingless honey bee that is native to Central America and is the only insect capable of pollinating the vanilla orchid due to its unique evolutionary traits. It can be seen as a symbol of the beauty, complexity and fragility of our ecosystems. It has also been featured in the amazing artwork of the Beehive Design Collective – an activist arts collective that makes intricate art pieces depicting resistance movements in different parts of the world.